My name is Andrew. I am a father to Aiden and a husband to Melissa. My day job is as the Creative Director for a video production company.

I have been writing since before I can backtrack. It started as simple short stories, morphed into horrid teen angst lyrics, developed into a love of screenwriting that sent me to study cinema, and has so far settled into a need to express myself through blogs, experimental short stories, and poetry. Lots and lots of poetry.

I have clinical depression and anxiety. It's a big theme in my work and sometimes it feels like I can't write unless I am depressed. I also feel very deeply that life is a beautiful and cherished thing, and we should try to experience it in as much fullness as we can. These two sides of myself don't always balance out the way they should, but I'm on that journey of learning to walk the tightrope. And that's ok.