Hello. I'm Andrew. I'm (currently) 27. White. Brown hair usually cut very short. Brown eyes. Glasses. Stocky. On the short side of average. Blue jeans. Gray v-neck t-shirt.

How are you doing today? No seriously, answer out loud. How are you? I hope well. I think we always hope that people are doing well but secretly expect them not to be if honesty prevailed over social niceties and norms. It's been a long time since I've been able to assess my whole life and be content with where I am. Who I am. Where I'm going. But I also have to be objective and know that I have it pretty nice. I have a full time job. A loving family. Creative outlets. Netflix. 

I've done what probably a lot of you have done and tossed around the idea of starting a website (blog, online presence, brain dump, art dump, whatevs) for a while. The time was finally right. 

I think my approach to this will be to just have a space to put my thoughts. To archive my poems somewhere other than my iPhone. Hopefully some of you who stumble across this site find something to identify with. I understand the power of identifying with a stranger. It's like a warm blanket and a cup of cocoa. 

Or maybe you'll just think I'm a pretentious prick and click away. That's fine. I know I get wordy sometimes. It's just who I am. I like language. I like words. I like thinking about a subject in the most roundabout way possible; hoping that by taking the path less traveled we'll stumble across a tangent we hadn't thought of before.

Either way, thank you for being here. I really do appreciate your time. Your time is valuable. You are valuable. And I appreciate that you are reading me. Let's get started...