I Put My Dreams On A Piece Of Paper

I put my dreams on a piece of paper
And set it on the counter
With the subconscious intention of seing how long they would last
And for days I nurtured that space
Brushing away sugar and flour
Leaving nothing on top
     And reading them often
It began as a small water spot in the corner
Mopped up quickly, no harm done
Then followed by a coffee stain
A spatter of spaghetti sauce
A cookbook placed on top
Leaving a crease across my dreams
And now, months removed,
With the paper pushed and pulled
Torn and stained
I almost think twice
     Before crumpling it up and throwing it away
A skip of my heart
As I look at my dreams
Balled up and compacted on top of the trash can,
Where I wonder if I should take them out
Flatten the page
Press it with a book
Retrace the ink
Frame it
Read them again
     Then I close the lid

- October 3, 2015, 2:23 PM