Waiting for the Prozac to Kick In.

It's a hard dark night
Listening to him play in the next room
Hiding from them, buried in the sand.
The warm suffocating embrace
Of the sheets.
Waiting anxiously for the axe to fall.
To sever this head
And let my body continue to roam free
Of a mind. Of a thought.
Of the chains it wraps around itself
Slowly now. One. Two. Three.
Tighter you piece of shit.
And above me the light flickers and buzzes
And drives my head further into the quicksand
Trying to get away from the noise.
From the laughter
I don't remember why
I don't remember why I don't feel
Or why I do
Or why she's still here
Holding my gaze
Even with my eyes shut tight.
Like a specter living behind my eyelids
And in the next room all at once.

- October 12, 2015, 7:48 PM