I did not ask for this mouth
Always with a smile
Cheshire liar.
Small and round
Corners curling
Ever blushing.
Spewing forth deceit
When closed and
Practicing in pandering
When open.
No, I did not ask for this
I would not have chosen
This mouth. These eyes. This body.

At night when you pass by
And we kiss
The "I love you"s roll off
Like old habits.
Blood rushes out
This chasm
Squirming for oxygen
Pleading to be made red
Falling victim to the elements.
Now silently retreating
Back behind my teeth
Over rough outlines
Of once pearl mountains.

I taste but do not eat
Drink but do not quench
Curse yet never truthfully
Love but always
In the back of my throat
A mile away from the point
Of no return and satisfaction.
Were this a scowl. A sneer. A baring
Of teeth and temper
Rage and passion
Honest violence
I could know the limits of your love.
But I smile.

- April 8, 2016